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Bathroom Rugs For Functional Decor

Rug Cleaning Hermosa Beach — Many of us spend a great deal of time creating a relaxing atmosphere in our bathrooms, after all this is the room we head to take that long luxurious bath to unwind and the atmosphere is important! You can use bathroom rugs for functional decor adding beauty and function all at once.

There are many choices available to you in bathroom rugs. From the traditional styles you find in your local department stores that often come in a package to complete your whole bathroom, to more unique and beautiful bathroom rugs that are plush and rich.

Most bathrooms have either a linoleum or a tile flooring which looks real good but can be cold to the feet. Bathroom rugs can let you show off that flooring while adding decor and warmth for your feet.
Bathroom floors also tend to have water splashed on the floor which can make them slippery. Bathroom rugs can give you a comfortable place to stand when you get out of the tub or shower and provide a safe spot to stand where you won’t slip.

The right bathroom rug can turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa. Imagine that deep plush pile in a rich jewel color. The right bathroom rug can also make the bathroom a fun place for the kids. How about the Muppets or Spiderman on your floor? Add a shower curtain, some matching toothbrushes, and you’ll never again be fighting with your kids to brush their teeth and get cleaned up.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a bathroom rug is that the bathroom is as important as every other room in your home. So take some time to decide what style you are trying to accomplish in your bathroom. Luxury, fun, functionality, contemporary? Then you’ll easily find the right rug. Your bathroom decor can also get a real boost from the right rug!

Bathroom rugs are the easiest way to give your bathroom a stylish unique look. You don’t even have to repaint or retile to get a whole new look. Just add the right rugs and a few accessories and everyone will think your bathroom had a total makeover.

Remember you don’t need to stick to traditional bathroom rugs. You could add an oriental rug, a braided rug, a Persian rug, or any other rug that catches your eye and works with your decor.
Of course there are few things that are important to a bathroom rug. You need to be able to easily clean it. It should not be susceptible to mold or mildew because of the high moisture content in a bathroom. The dyes need to be firmly set, and a rubber backing is great to prevent rotting and slippage. But remember a rubber backing will be ruined by the dryer so you’ll need to hang to dry.
So whether you want to make a new home decor statement in your bathroom or give it a cheap makeover, bathroom rugs are an excellent choice!

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