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Care for and cleaning of a custom rug

More and more people are buying custom-made carpets for their homes.

You can put these rugs into one of two main groups: (a) those that are hand-tufted or hooked, and (b) those that are made up of smaller rugs put together. Assembled component rugs are made by joining together several tufted or woven rug parts to make the final product.

Custom-made rugs can be made with a wide range of modern patterns, color combinations, and geometric shapes. Even though they are expensive, they are sophisticated, often exclusive, and give the places where they have located an air of wealth.

But there is a problem for carpet and rug cleaners when they have to clean custom carpets. If the right cleaning steps aren’t taken, there could be problems during the cleaning process. Let’s talk about some problems that can happen with custom rugs and why they do.

When carpets are made to order, the two most common problems are shrinkage and ripples. Ripping and shrinking are unavoidable, especially with custom-made carpets that are put together from separate pieces. There is always a chance that different parts of a custom rug that are sewn together will shrink at different rates when it gets wet. This is something that always happens. This is because each of the many parts has its own set of qualities that contribute to this difference. The problem is also made worse by the fact that the rug parts are not pre-shrunk before they are put together. Also, the use of parts with very different qualities (such as a tufted carpet built with a woven carpet, a jute-backed carpet with an olefin-backed carpet, etc.) makes shrinking and wrinkling stand out much more than they would otherwise.

In addition to the two things that have already been talked about, there is also the chance that heat or cleaning/spotting solvents could make some custom rugs softer. Some have a loose design, which means that others may have big size differences and distorted textures. Because the dyes used in custom carpets are often unstable, if the rugs are cleaned normally, the color may leak out or be lost.

Because of the problems we’ve talked about so far, there are certain steps that need to be taken to clean custom carpets. Rug cleaners with a lot of experience who work in a professional setting are needed to clean these kinds of rugs.

In the end, it’s important to note that a very dirty rug usually needs a much more thorough cleaning to look good again. But because they are so rough, careful cleaning processes are more likely to cause shrinking and wrinkling in handcrafted carpets. Because of this, these rugs need to be vacuumed regularly and cleaned more often than other rugs to keep them from getting too dirty.

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