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The Importance of Getting New Carpets Before you move in, you should hire a professional maid service. This happens because of a lot of different things.

From the apartment, what can you see?
Let’s start with the point of view of the Tenant. They walk into a clean room that smells fresh and inviting. When you step on a carpet that has just been cleaned and shampooed, it feels like nothing else. Finding a reliable tenant is very hard, so first impressions are very important. Tenants will likely appreciate how hard you worked to get the property ready for them to move in. If you do this, your tenants are more likely to take care of your rental property the way you do.

Also, it might help them overlook the house’s flaws. They might not realize that their new TV stand is too big for the room or that their three-seat couch is too full. Make sure to finish them at least two days before the showing so they can dry properly. But dirty carpets that smell bad are a sign of being careless. This could make it seem like there are a lot of problems that need to be fixed. Tenants want both clean carpets and a bathroom without mold. In fact, it is the most important thing.

Don’t forget that they are the ones who will live here and throw parties. It’s also important to them to make a good impression on the people they care about. This could make the difference between two houses that are otherwise the same. Because they will want that “new car” smell to last as long as possible, they will take better care of themselves and the rest of the house. When it’s time to move things around, they won’t want to wait for the carpets to dry.

This is how the landlord sees it.
So, let’s talk about why it’s so important to have the carpets shampooed well for you. Since they were done by a professional and you have written proof of that, it could be a condition of the lease. Before they could move out, the tenant would have to show proof that they had their carpets cleaned by a professional.

You can put it off until the next time you have to pay someone to clean your house.

You can take this amount off of your taxable income.

If a tenant is allowed to keep a pet inside, they have to pay to get the carpets treated for fleas. It is strongly suggested that this clause be added to the Lease Agreement.

This is an easy and cheap way to make a good first impression. That will make it easier to find a good renter. Reduce vacancies and your rental income will go up.

It shows the tenant that the landlord is proud of the property and wants them to live in a nice place. If the carpets in the rental house are dirty and worn, potential tenants will probably notice other problems as well. Your home might look less appealing than others they’ve seen if it has old appliances and a dirty carpet. The other option might have clean carpet in the bedrooms but old kitchen and bathroom appliances. Their decision is based on what they remember about how dirty the carpet was.

Mainly, it comes down to doing regular maintenance on the property. Regularly cleaning and shampooing carpets can make them last longer.

You and your tenant can both benefit from having a professional carpet cleaning service. When you spend a little bit now, you’ll get a lot back later.

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