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Cleaning Carpets in the Winter

It will be over in the blink of an eye, and winter will have arrived. Because of the cold, windy, and wet weather and the fact that school is out for the month, your carpet will see increased wear and tear in the month of July.

In the winter, more moisture, dust, and other particles find their way indoors, increasing the risk of carpet damage. The widespread belief that carpets can’t be cleaned in the winter due to the cold temperature is untrue. Not so. Carpets are always left clean, pliable, and dry thanks to Electro dry’s breakthrough four-step dry cleaning process. A clean carpet is essential year-round, but it acts as insulation in the winter, keeping your feet toasty as you go about your day.

If you want to avoid cleaning the carpet this spring, consider implementing any one of these four tried-and-true strategies.

In the first place, you should regularly use a vacuum cleaner.
Perhaps you don’t give much thought to the mud, salt, and stones that make their way into your home on your shoes. If pebbles were to fall on the carpet, the fibers could be destroyed. It’s in your best advantage to get rid of the carpets as soon as possible because of the allergies and irritants they may be hiding.

The foyer really needs a new rug.
Currently, a minimum of two carpets is required. You can train guests to wipe their feet on the mat by installing a strong, bristly one outside the door and a softer, yet still powerful, one inside. There’s no denying that this will soon become a hotspot for foot-wiping.

Further, make sure your carpets are always spotless. You should clean them once a month, when you can also vacuum the rest of the floors. But before you do anything, check the carpet’s label to see if dry cleaning is recommended.

Provide a shoe-removal area so that guests can relax.
If you can cut down on the amount of exposed floor space, it will be considerably simpler to keep your carpets warm. The easiest method to accomplish this is to designate a certain spot inside your home as a shoe-dropping area for visitors.

In order to enter, please remove your shoes.
Having a shoe-free area in your home is highly suggested during the colder months when shoes are more likely to cause carpet damage. Make it clear that only those wearing socks are allowed admission by stamping your foot down on the rug at the door. With less dirt tracked in from outside, the carpets stay cleaner for longer.

Green Carpet’s Cleaning can help if you’ve tried everything else and your carpets still seem worn, or if you’d just rather not deal with carpet maintenance. Repeatedly cleaned carpets that nonetheless seem worn? Help is at hand with green carpet cleaning. Schedule Same Day Carpet Cleaning Port Hueneme for today.

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