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Could you describe the state of the carpet?

Carpets are cozier and more comfortable to walk on than hardwood, but they don’t last as long. However, a major responsibility associated with carpet ownership is maintaining the carpet clean.

Not frequently vacuuming and cleaning carpets can lead to filthy floors. Drippy floors have been related to health issues. How unclean is your carpet? and the health risks associated with a filthy carpet are addressed in the following text.

The vast majority of people have no idea what sort of things may be lurking in their carpets. Even while the soft bristles give the brush an elegant appearance, the dust and dirt they collect are not good for your health. The buildup of dirt and grime over time can lead to a wide variety of issues in the home.

After a long day out, you and your family can keep track of where your feet have been by tallying up the various surfaces they’ve touched before returning home. We don’t even know where to begin cleaning the filth off the bottom of your shoes.

Your carpets will act as a filter for the dust and other particles you create. Carpet fibers will retain some dust even if they are vacuumed often.

If you wear shoes indoors, you might not only be tracking in the dirt but also pathogens. They can cause serious health problems, and examples include norovirus.

Any germs or viruses that find their way onto your carpet will likely remain there for quite some time because of the carpet’s absorbent nature. Try to picture yourself sockless and going around town. Think about all the times you’ve dropped your plate and ended up eating off the floor.

Anyone in your home who has been exposed to these germs is at risk of getting sick. Carpets can cause you and your family serious health problems if not cleaned regularly.

The buildup, like that in any other space, could make it difficult to breathe. Having difficulty breathing is just one more reason to keep your home clean. One of these spots is on your carpet.

Having asthma-like symptoms from breathing in these toxins constantly is a real possibility. You might have stuffiness, wheezing, and coughing. The toxic air inside your house shouldn’t force you to spend the day outdoors.

You might be wondering, “How dirty is my carpet, really?” now that you know how filthy it can get. What this means, in brief, is that it is unclean. If you want to remove dirt and dust from your carpets, use a professional carpet cleaning service. For the simple reason that they are the only ones with access to everything needed to get the job done right.

When you need professional carpet cleaning services, don’t hesitate to call us. We at Green Carpet Cleaning know just how to clean your carpets so that they seem like new again. We not only clean carpets, but also chairs, couches, and other upholstered furniture; remove stains and mold; treat for dust mites, germs, and bacteria; and apply statins. Your persistent symptoms are now completely resolved.

Continue reading if you’re not yet convinced that hiring us is better than DIY carpet cleaning. Schedule the Same Day Carpet Cleaning Thousand Oaks for today!

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