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Because they affect how people feel when they walk into a room, floors are one design element that must be right.

We’re proponents of carpet and think you should think about putting it in your home for the five reasons listed below.

Firstly, it’s warm and cozy…
There’s nothing like walking barefoot on a soft carpet on a cold morning to make you feel more at ease. It’s the height of indulgence to return to a home that feels like a warm embrace. Consumers are moving away from the slick look and feel of laminate flooring and toward the more classic look and feel of the carpet. Increasingly, homeowners see carpet as their only practical choice for high-traffic areas like living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways.

Quickly and easily wipe down after use…
Carpet requires less upkeep than other flooring options like hardwood or laminates, and that includes having to run the vacuum cleaner over it regularly. If you buy one of our easy-clean carpets, cleaning won’t be such a chore, and we’ll even throw in a 10-year stain- and wear-resistance warranty at no extra charge. It’s recommended that you vacuum your carpet once or twice weekly, use a sizable doormat, and keep any light-colored carpets away from any exterior entrances.

Third, there is significantly less background noise…
The carpet’s ability to muffle footsteps and other noise is a major perk. The carpet muffles the sound of footsteps on hard flooring, the rumble of an overhead stereo, and the squeals of children playing above. Carpeting not only generates much less noise than hard flooring but also has the potential to absorb as much as ten times as much sound.

It’s helpful for those who suffer from allergies since…
Carpeting, in comparison to hard flooring, reduces the number of allergens in the air, according to studies conducted over the course of several decades. The carpet prevents allergens from getting airborne by trapping them in its threads, making it easier to breathe. Once the carpet has been vacuumed, all of the allergens that have settled there will be gone.

More alternatives are available, which brings us to number five.
This carpet has a wide range of possible uses. To achieve a rustic chic look, select a rug with a loop pile texture. Try to find a carpet that is both plush and shiny if you’re after a plush, deep pile. It’s up to you whether you want to stick to the tried-and-true neutrals and grays or take a chance on bolder hues like inky blues and stripes. Virtually any desired aesthetic effect can be realized through the strategic placement of carpeting.

In the future, have a specialist look at your carpet. Try out the cleaning service offered by Green Carpet right away.
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