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How to properly dispose of your outdated carpets

Is your living room’s outdated carpet holding you back from giving it a facelift? Get rid of that outdated item to make a place for something that is fresh and modern. The United States landfills are estimated to hold approximately 5 billion pounds of carpet annually; therefore, throwing it away is not the most practical option. Here are four fantastic ideas that will preserve your old rug from ending up in a landfill, will offer it new uses around the house, and will even earn you some additional cash:

What do you do with the old carpet in your home when it comes time to replace an older one with a new one? There are a lot of carets that get thrown out, and most of them wind up in landfills, which is not great for the environment. There are companies that specialize in recycling carpets by taking the materials contained within them and using them to manufacture other goods.

Create some mats and coasters.
To construct heat-resistant table coasters and mats, cut the carpet into a small oval or rectangular shapes and glue cork or jute to the underside of each piece.

Doormats You can manufacture doormats out of pieces of carpet that have not been worn down too significantly by cutting them into squares or circles. Add a base that prevents slipping if you plan to use them on floors with a smooth, firm surface.

Plant pot bases
Placing strips of carpet cut into circles and placing them under plant pots can help prevent soil and water from leaking out of the pots and onto the floor.

Pet blankets and pillows
Pieces of carpet with a deep pile provide canines and felines with a cozy environment in which to unwind and sleep. They are helpful in keeping pets warm, particularly when placed on floors with smooth surfaces.

Near the bedside
Used bits of carnet look nice displayed next to runners. To achieve a more attractive appearance, use pieces cut from rectangles and stitch or glue a material of a contrasting color onto the corners. When the weather outside is chilly, stepping barefoot onto a carpet bedside runner is a safe, comfortable, and warm thing to do.

You can anticipate that a carpet of high quality will last for a very long period, which means that you won’t have to worry about getting rid of it for a very long time.

Recycle the item. There are facilities that will recycle carpet, turning it into everything from roofing shingles to railroad ties and furniture batting. The process can be a little more involved, but there are facilities that will do it. Inquire with the company that installed your carpet or supplied your carpet, since numerous carpet and rug manufacturers provide recycling options at their factories.

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