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How to Remove Carpet from Stairs

Even though it takes time and work, removing carpet from stairs has some benefits. Carpeting on stairs gets walked on a lot and wears out quickly, especially on the nose of the stairs. So, it might be a good idea to put a new carpet on the stairs. You could also do something different, like replace the stair treads and risers or add some nice stair covers. No matter what you decide, the first thing you should do is take the carpet off the steps.

If your carpet is loose, you can stretch it instead of replacing it to make it last longer. Dirt can get in under the carpet and padding. Studies have shown that dirt is the main cause of mold and mildew under carpeting.

Before getting started

Figure out what will happen to the stairs after the carpet is pulled up. Whether you want to put in a new carpet or a hard surface like stair treads will affect how you remove the old carpet.

Installing New Carpet
If you are putting down a new carpet, you might be able to keep the tack strips and carpet padding and use them again.

Most of the time, carpet tack strips can be used again and left in place. When taking the carpeting out of this room, be careful not to damage the strips.
Padding for carpets: Often, carpet padding is too dirty or flattened to be used again. If the carpet is still pretty new, it’s likely that the padding can be used again. Even if the padding is in good shape, you might want to take it off so you can clean the steps.

Setting Up Hard Surface
If you won’t be replacing the carpet, you might choose to cover the treads and risers with something hard, like vinyl, laminate, or wood. You could also paint or stain the wood to bring it back to life.

Before putting hard surfaces on stairs or painting them, the carpet padding and tack strips need to be taken out. Instead of hammering them flat, you should take out each fastener before refinishing them.

Things to think about for safety
Be careful when working on the stairs so you don’t fall backward. The edges of carpet tack strips are very sharp. The skin can be hurt by even a light touch. When pulling out carpet staples or tack strips, you should always protect your eyes. When removing carpet from stairs, wear breathing protection because it is common for the stairs to be dirty under the carpet and padding.

When to Call a Professional
When installing new carpet, carpet installers often take out and throw away the old carpet. If a new carpet is going on the stairs, you might not need to take the old one off yourself.

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