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It pays to be clean.

Cleaning is an investment that helps not only the bottom line but also people’s health and the environment.

Like our clothes, carpets need to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep them looking clean and new. Your carpet needs to be cleaned often because grit and dirt that have built up over time are one of the main things that make it wear out faster. Also, dirty carpets can be a good place for dangerous mites and bacteria to grow, both of which can cause health problems or make conditions that were already bad a lot worse. Before you worry about how much it will cost to replace your carpet or how much it might cost you or your family to stay healthy, you should think about scheduling regular cleanings.

Most of us know that the dirt we can see on a carpet is only a small part of the dirt that is deep inside. It’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg because about 85% of the rest of the dirt and debris are buried deep in the carpet threads. Also, a carpet can easily hold its own weight in dust and bacteria, so it could be hiding as much as 65 kilograms of dirt in an average-sized living room.

Is it enough to just vacuum?
No. When you regularly vacuum your carpet, the dirt on the surface will be taken care of, but the dirt that is deeper in the fibers will still be there. The key is to start vacuuming your carpet on a regular schedule from the very beginning, long before any dirt has a chance to get stuck in it. The problem is that the things on your carpet are not only dangerous, but they can also damage your carpet, which is a problem. Every time someone walks on your carpet, the dirt gets pushed deeper into the carpet fibers. This is bad for the carpet because it acts like sandpaper and scratches the carpet fibers as it does so.

On the other hand, if you have your carpets cleaned by a professional on a regular basis, any mites, bacteria, or dirt that are deep in your carpet will be removed. Aside from that, it makes sure that even the most stubborn stains are gone and leaves behind a clean and healthy environment.

To answer your question, how often should I have a professional come clean my carpets?
How often you walk on your carpet is the only thing that can tell you this. If your carpets get a lot of foot traffic, like those in hotels or other businesses, you might want to have them cleaned by a professional every three months. On the other hand, if you have two and a half to three kids, the best way to make sure your carpet lasts as long as possible is to have it professionally cleaned once a year and vacuum it every week.

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