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Keeping Your Oriental Rug Safe and Sound

If you own one of these pricey beauties, it is recommended to take a few steps to help it last longer. Oriental carpets are lovely, but they are not inexpensive. Oriental carpets provide your home with sophisticated elegance, artistic flair, and aesthetic beauty that a regular rug cannot. These rugs have great visual standards, but they also require high standards of maintenance.

The best and simplest way to keep your rug looking great for longer is to do this. Regular rug rotation helps to avoid prolonged exposure to the same hazardous substances. For instance, only a few areas of the rug that are exposed to sunlight will fade, creating a rug that looks inconsistent with some faded spots and other bright patches. This will happen if sunlight enters the room at specific angles. The rug is uniformly exposed when you rotate it, making the fading gradual and undetectable.

Additionally, if you leave furniture on top of your rug for an extended period, the wool in those areas of the rug that bear the weight of the furniture is likely to become permanently damaged, destroying the rug’s appearance as a whole. This can be avoided by regularly rotating the rug.

The strong sunshine will eventually cause your rug to fade gradually, but rotating it will stop any portion of it from deteriorating significantly. Utilizing thick drapes, window coverings, or shutters to block the sun is the best approach to avoid this.

Another thing to think about is cleaning your rug. Never get a dry cleaning for your rug. Never have a strong steam cleaning done on an oriental rug. The essential oils in the carpet will be removed by the vapor, making it more brittle and causing it to wear out more quickly. Find a professional Carpet Cleaning Near Me Glendale service provider like Green Carpet’s Cleaning to clean your rugs for you if you realize they require more than a simple water-only surface cleaning.

An oriental rug’s lifespan can be doubled with high-quality padding. This is because the cushioning keeps the rug from shifting and wrinkling as someone walks over it, giving it some protection from high traffic. The best padding for this use is made of fiber or hair and has a rubberized surface. Although synthetic pads are less expensive, they eventually synthesize into an abrasive powder that causes more harm than benefit.

Wear and tear is unavoidable if your rug is placed on the floor, but there are things you can take to stop it from getting worse to the point where it cannot be repaired. If you do nothing about holes in a rug, they will only continue to grow and get worse. The optimum time to make repairs is when the wounds and tears are little and manageable. No matter how small the hole may be, get your rug repaired as soon as you can if you detect one.

The pile of rug is prone to collecting dust and debris. Walking over the rug causes the dust and dirt to abrade the base and pile fibers deeper down, giving the floor covering a sticky appearance. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove the dirt from the bottom of your rug at least once a week to maintain it clean. Run the vacuum over the rug after sweeping to get rid of any loose particles. More information regarding how to properly sweep and vacuum rugs may be found here.

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