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Rug Smells and Unnatural Hues

In recent years, the market has been saturated with lower quality, smellier area rugs. One prominent cause of these rugs’ widespread unpleasant odor is the latex back coating or glue. Unfortunately, no amount of expert cleaning or deodorizing will remove this noxious, in-built odor. Both fresh rugs and well-loved antique rugs shouldn’t smell like this once some time has passed. Smell intensity varies from barely perceptible to overwhelming. Due to the latex employed in their manufacturing, these rugs frequently have an odor reminiscent of diesel fuel or burnt oil.

Even if these rugs had a bad stench in the store, imagine how bad it would be in your home, where the air is much more confined. Mass-market importers frequently sell carpets with a flaw in the weaving or dying that causes them to have an unpleasant odor. Hand-tufted area rugs often have this noxious odor. Pile fibers are usually made of wool, although other materials such as acrylic, cotton, olefin, and others are also conceivable.

Pile yarns are inserted through the primary backing and then adhered to the back of the backing fabric with a latex glue to prevent movement. The same latex glue is used to attach the secondary backing cloth to the rug. The rug’s secondary backing is usually a rough cotton duck fabric in a contrasting hue when you flip it over. Bad, low-quality latex adhesive was used in the production process, and that’s what gave off that noxious odor. It’s possible that the latex picked up a diesel oil smell while being sent from India, or that the smell was added to cover any defects.

Stains and soiling can be removed from carpets with wet cleaning, and unpleasant odors can be eliminated as well. During or after ordinary wet cleaning or in-plant cleaning of rugs, a foul latex smell may be present. It’s not the cleaning; it’s the degradation of the latex glue in the carpet, which releases odorous components over time. The cleaning industry has given up on permanently eliminating this odor despite decades of attempts. Made in India and other low-quality Asian countries, area rugs frequently have concerns with discolorations and dye transfer.

These rugs’ cotton scrim or canvas backing may “crock,” or transfer its green, blue, or other objectionable hue, onto the carpet or rug underneath it if it was poorly dyed. Sometimes when you damp clean a hand tufted rug, the fugitive dye markers that were used to stencil the pattern will seep up into the pile. Cotton hooked rugs may fade after being cleaned and dyed owing to cellulose browning. One additional drawback of washing is that sometimes darker colors seep through. All of these unpleasant things will never happen to a high-quality oriental or area rug.

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