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Should You Have Your Old Rug Restore?

Should You Mend Your Old Area Rugs, or Leave Them Alone?
When it comes to ancient carpets, one of the most common inquiries we get is whether or not it is advisable to have them repaired. In most cases, the answer to this question is based on the rug’s monetary value rather than its artistic merits.

This seemingly straightforward inquiry is actually highly complex and is subject to a wide range of variables. However, it’s important to note that repairing a rug does reduce its worth. There is a possibility that your carpets’ value will rise after restoration. In some cases, the value of your carpets may go down because of the repair, especially if it was a shoddy job.

So, the natural follow-up inquiry is:

When to Repair Your Rugs and How to Do It
Is it even feasible to restore the carpet? This is the first thing to ask. If “future value” is the issue at hand, the answer will depend on the carpet’s prognosis for growth in value or stability.

This is a pretty broad subject because there are always exceptions to every norm. Newer modern rugs don’t have much of a history or value, therefore it’s not really worth the time or money to restore them. However, if you enjoy the carpet, the rug holds sentimental value, and you have the funds to repair it, then by all means do so.

The subject of mending becomes murkier when dealing with vintage area rugs. When it comes to Persian rugs and Oriental carpets, value is determined by a number of factors beyond their age. The age, origin, condition, and market demand for similar rugs all play a role in establishing a carpet’s price.

It is likely to be financially beneficial to mend a rug:
Rare and historically significant carpets, such as those from the Safavid Dynasty or the Mamluk period, are more likely to increase in value over time.
Mashahir rugs, vase carpets, and tree-of-life carpets are just a few examples of carpet designs that are more likely to increase in value.
The quality and condition of a rug by a skilled weaver like Haji Jalili, Ustad Mohtashem, or Kermani will determine its market value.
Better specimens of carpets from specific regions, like Tabriz, Bidjar, Kashan, and Heriz, tend to retain their value for longer.
It’s important to consider the expense of repair when it comes to tribal carpets, such as those made by the Berber tribes in Morocco, which are popular and tend to keep their worth.
Remember that the aforementioned are only broad strokes that in no way reflect the actual evaluation value of any specific carpet.

It is generally recommended to preserve a carpet in good condition if you want it to retain or increase in value. It is also recommended to get the rug cleaned by a professional who is trained in the care of high-end rugs.

**Never use a regular dry cleaner on a rug. Dry cleaning treatments contain chemicals that can harm or discolor carpets. To protect your investment, have only a specialist in cleaning antique and high-end carpets do the cleaning.

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