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Steering Clear Of Carpet Stains

Same Day Carpet Cleaning La Puente — From wine to chocolate to gravy, the possibilities for stains on your carpet are limitless-but you don’t have to take it lying down.

A spill doesn’t have to result in a permanent stain if you follow these general tips from the experts at Stainmaster® carpet.

Cleaning solutions:

Start by using a good cleaning solution that is designed to work on your specific stain. There are many homemade solutions that work well. They include: sudsy foam, detergent solutions and vinegar solutions. The recipes for making these solutions and a list of stains that each is best suited for are available in the Stain Removal Guide, which can be found on the Stainmaster® carpet Web site at Once you have identified the best solution to use, begin the step-by-step process of removal.

Basic cleaning steps:

1. Scoop up and blot as much of the spill as possible.

2. Vacuum any dry particles.

3. Prepare cleaning solutions, beginning with the first one listed.

4. Pretest the cleaning solution on an inconspicuous spot of carpet to ensure it does not discolor or damage the carpet.

5. Apply the cleaning solution to the stain area. Work from the outside of the stain toward the center.

6. Allow the cleaning solution to remain on the spill for at least five minutes.

7. Blot with a clean white cloth until no more stain transfers to the cloth. Rubbing the stain area might damage the carpet fibers.

8. Rinse with cold water. Be sure all cleaning solution is removed from the carpet.

9. If you can still see the stain, repeat the process until either the stain is removed or the stain no longer transfers to the cloth.

10. If the stain remains, try the next solution on the list and follow the same protocol above. If the stain persists after trying each solution, contact a professional cleaner.

11. Once the stain is removed, place layers of white paper towel on the site to absorb moisture. Weigh down the towels with a nonstaining glass or ceramic object. You can let them sit overnight.

12. When the carpet is dry, vacuum to restore texture.

13. Have your carpet professionally cleaned every 24 months, as required by the Stainmaster® carpet limited warranty.

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