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Stylish and Durable, The Latest Home Appliances

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Marina del Rey — In the kitchen, performance and style are merging as high-function equipment with seamless and elegant features become accessible. Now that new dishwashers have arrived on the market, consumers are increasingly demanding sleek, stainless steel refrigerators and ranges that pack the punch of a restaurant-style kitchen. For example, Kenmore Elitenewest ®’s dishwashers combine the high-tech style and convenience of use of an MP3 player control pad with the greatest cleaning performance available.

Innovative Design, Revolutionary Features

Manufacturers are putting more choice and style into their products since personal electronics have become an extension of individual style. The growing selection of sleek and colorful cell phones, MP3 players, and even kitchen-top appliances demonstrates this. With washer/dryers now available in colors like “Pacific Blue” and “Champagne,” and the new SmartTouchTM control pad on Kenmore Elite® dishwashers, which allows users to select a cleaning cycle with a single touch, these aesthetic qualities are increasingly making their way into larger home appliances.

Using one quick wipe, customers can clean the dishwasher’s front panel with the elegant new function, which not only makes cycle selection easier, but also makes cleaning a snap.

On the Forefront of Design and Function

Kitchen appliances are no longer clunky or simple boxes hidden in closets or corners, but instead strong conversation pieces that people proudly exhibit in their homes, thanks to this convergence of function and aesthetic.

Consumers rank baked-on cleaning performance as the number one unmet requirement in all home appliances, according to a Soap and Detergent Association poll. Sears, Roebuck and Co. conducted another survey of over 1,200 women, finding that when it comes to dishwashers, moms want a superior cleaning machine that doesn’t sacrifice beauty. Kenmore Elite dishwashers with innovative TurboZone with Rotating Spray JetsTM are examples of appliances that match this desire for excellent performance in an attractive packaging.

These machines, offering both style and unmatched cleaning abilities, have an updated, highly powerful system that utilizes 24 rotating spray jets to blast away baked-on, tough-to-clean messes no matter the size or shape of the dish. Because intensified cleaning action is only provided in the TurboZone area, every corner of a baked-on dish is cleaned with these intense jets, while the rest of the load receives a gentle wash. Tough-to-clean items do not need to be loaded face-down, so dishwasher space is maximized.

The new dishwashers take the work out of doing dishes while delivering water and energy savings and first-rate style, including classic to modern color choices of white, bisque, black and stainless steel.

Time- and Trouble-Saving Tips

While function- and fashion-forward appliances help ease time spent in the kitchen, other ways to keep your kitchen running smoothly include:

(1) To remove buildup, add one cup of vinegar to an empty dishwasher after it has been filled with water at the start of the cycle every one to two months.

(2) Run the dishwasher each night before going to bed and unload it the next morning. You’ll be able to keep your kitchen tidy and avoid dishes stacking up.

(3) Use undiluted vinegar to clean stainless steel equipment.

(4) Grease and lime scale deposits will be removed from the interior of your dishwasher, including the rotating arms and all drawers and baskets.

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