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The ideal location for rugs in a house

If you don’t have wall-to-wall carpeting in your house, an area rug is a must-have item for a comfortable, pleasant living room. Even if you do, the proper area rug can bring a splash of color, texture, and pattern to your room.

The area rug you select for your living room may seem like an afterthought when it comes to decorating, but the perfect or wrong size rug can truly make or break your space. A room can look unfinished if an area rug is too small, and it can look like wall-to-wall carpeting if it is too large—or it might not fit in your room.

Size Up Your Living Space
Unquestionably, a six by nine-foot area rug may appear to be sufficient for your living room, but is it? Should you choose a square rug or a rectangular rug? Make sure to take measurements of your living room before you even begin looking for an area rug. Most living room carpets are eight by ten or nine by twelve feet in size, but your room may call for a smaller or larger choice.

Try to leave at least 30 to 36 inches of space between larger pieces of furniture, such as the couch, coffee table, or armchairs, if your living room is large enough. This will stop you (and your visitors) from tripping over furniture that is too close together. Aim for 18 to 24 inches of spacing between items in a smaller living room.

The rug’s edge should be at least 10 to 18 inches away from the wall. If it’s too close, it could look like carpeting all around. The rug can, however, be moved closer to the wall if your sofa is next to one because no one will be able to see the edge and it will free up space between pieces of furniture.
Make sure your rug is broader on both ends than your sofa by at least six inches and ideally eight inches.
Make sure your room is big enough because couches are usually placed on the long end of the rugs.

If you’re having trouble seeing your family room’s new arrangement, use blue painter’s tape to measure the optimum rug size and furniture placement. It is quite little, it won’t damage your floor or covering, and it’s an easy way to see your space clearly before you buy.

To save money, layer rugs
Layering the more understated floor covering in the larger mat’s main point is something we advise. The margins of the carpet shouldn’t be too close to one another to prevent trips.

Decide Where to Place Your Furniture
It’s crucial to plan exactly where your living room furniture will go before you buy an area rug. Although every room is unique (and it’s acceptable to break decorating standards! ), these are the most popular living room design ideas:

Every leg on the rug.
Try putting all of your larger furniture, such as the couch, coffee table, armchairs, and side tables, on your area rug if your living room is particularly large. The recommended minimum distance between the edge of your furniture and the edge of your rug is eight inches.

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