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Three Chinese Rugs to Consider Purchasing

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Pasadenasf -– Chinese rugs date far back into ancient time but it is the rugs from the 1930s era that are getting the most attention these days. The Fette, Peking, and Nichols rugs are very popular! Buying Chinese rugs can be a great investment financially and in your home decor. Below are the top 3 types of Chinese rugs to buy.

Peking Rugs

The Peking rugs are influenced with Chinese symbols and designs that are from ancient times. The original Peking rugs would have a centered design as the focal point and then an all over pattern. They were commonly found in ivory, yellow, navy, and royal blue. Chinese rugs designed into the 1970s still carried the influential styles of antique Peking rugs.

Peking Rugs dating to around the early 1900’s will fetch anywhere from $5000 and up. More modern reproductions from the 1970’s right up to current can be purchased for much less. If you are looking for a financial investment don’t bother with the new ones, but if you are looking for home decor they are an excellent choice and no one but a professional will know the difference.

Nichols Rugs

This style of Chinese rug was produced from the early 1900’s right through to the early 1930’s. Nichols rugs were heavily influenced by the art deco period and were created using a wonderful mix of colored wools that were blended to create a style that is still very popular even today.
These days the Nichols rugs are also fetching big dollars. You can expect to spend $2500 or more depending on size, style, and age. These are a beautiful addition to a room and an excellent investment!

Fette Chinese Rugs

These rugs are the mates to the Nichols and came into the market place in the early 1900’s as well and remained until the late 1940’s. They were well known for their excellent reproduction of the Peking designs and patterns but with a European influence. The fette was limited in colors but a large spacious rug that would be noticeable anywhere.

The Fette rugs vary considerably in price. Best to check around and find the best buy you can.
Before dishing out these larger amounts of cash, spend some time learning as much as possible about the style you are interested in. If you are buying Chinese rugs for an investment this is critical to ensuring you are buying the right rugs. If you are unsure then hire a professional to give you an appraisal on quality and value. In fact this is your best bet if you are spending substantial amounts of money.

If you are simply looking for Chinese rugs to complete your decor then think about purchasing one of the more modern styles for substantially less money. They will look just as beautiful and you won’t be worried about stains or wear that could depreciate the value of your investment. Believe me when I tell you no one will be able to tell the difference except for an experienced professional, especially if you buy a high quality reproduction.

Remember that Chinese rugs not only look great on the floor they also look terrific as wall hangings. So use as you will! Chinese carpets are fashionable and beautiful additions to your home!

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