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What Is A Carpet Design?

Curvilinear, geometric, and figural patterns are sometimes separated into three groups when discussing patterns used in carpet manufacture. We shall highlight a few of the most prevalent named patterns out of the numerous that are frequently seen. These designs can be utilized to accent a specific area of a carpet or create a larger motif. It is possible to determine a carpet’s style and country of origin from its design. The size and colors that are employed also play a role in determining where the rugs came from.

Choosing a carpet design can be difficult at first since there are so many options when you walk into a showroom. Each of the following fashion trends has a unique appearance as well as unique advantages and disadvantages. Based on their appearance, some styles complement particular types of decor far better than others.

The most noticeable and possibly most significant aspect of a carpet is its pattern. The old traditional patterns, each of which is initially hand-drawn on paper in the cities and in the workshops, are developed and improved upon with great care.

Curvilinear designs are those made using delicate, curved lines. Every form of carpet, from those with medallions to those that are all over, can have these kinds of designs. A higher knot density is required in the carpet in order to produce these kinds of small lines. Known as talim, translucent design plates with squares that mimic carpet knots are utilized in the production of carpets with curvilinear patterns. This method is primarily employed in workshops that make finer carpets.

Geometrical patterns are those that are made of straight lines and may be identified by their straight angles, diagonals, triangles, and other geometrical shapes. On carpets with medallions and all-over themes, geometric patterns can be noticed. These designs are frequently found in nomad-made carpets and occasionally in carpets created in villages. The fashions of nomad-made carpets are frequently simpler than those of village carpets, which can feature slightly more intricate geometric designs.

Figural carpets frequently depict people or animals and are based on mythology or history. Since Islam forbids the replication of living things, natural and realistic portrayals of people and animals are uncommon in the East. This is one of the factors contributing to the rarity of these rugs. Today’s figural carpets are mostly created in workshops in Iran (Isfahan), India, and Pakistan. When they are shown, they frequently include one or more characters that occasionally depict historical events. There are occasionally nomad-made figural carpets to be found. Figured carpets have been produced in China since the turn of the 20th century, but they are completely absent from places like Afghanistan, Turkey, and the Caucasus.

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