Green Carpets Cleaning

What Was Done To Clean Carpets

Before making an appointment to have your carpets or furniture cleaned, you should call the company and ask how they clean. In the end, what’s at stake here is your fragile furniture.

Machinery? Since this is a good choice, you should take the time to find out what tools they use. Many of the things that are sold as “carpet cleaners” don’t do a good job of getting dirt and other things out of carpeting.

Our machines will remove the dirt and grime from the carpet fibers and remove about 95% of the water. As a carpet cleaner, you need to have access to a machine with a lot of power.

Keeping things clean? If you use the wrong products on your carpets and furniture, you could damage them for good.

Our careful cleaning process, which includes a number of steps, always gives us better results.

The first step is an examination.
Before we clean your carpets, we look at each one carefully, checking the backing and fibers and making a mental note of any small problems we find.

Wet and dry ways to get soil
Every time, we start by pre-vacuuming each section of carpet separately. This is a very important part of cleaning that you should never skip.

Why is this step so important? Because a commercial vacuum cleaner can get rid of up to 80% of the dry dirt. When a pro does dry soil extraction at the beginning of the process, you get a great deep clean and a great end result.

Third, we do something special before we stain the wood.
Before we start cleaning, we treat every stain first to make sure it will come out completely.

The fourth step is to have the area sprayed by a professional.
We use a special cleaning solution that breaks up dirt into tiny pieces and kills any bacteria, fungi, or viruses that might be hiding in your carpet.

This new therapy helps adults with asthma and other allergic reactions, but it is also safe for babies and dogs. So, no chemicals that could be dangerous are used.

Spraying all of the areas first makes sure that the carpet is evenly covered.

Fifth, do some simple pre-grooming (Agitation)
Also, it’s very important that we get to this point in the cleaning process. What does it really mean to be upset? Here, we use a tool that brushes the solution into all of the carpet threads, loosening and dissolving the dirt and other unwanted things so that they can be removed in the next step.

The sixth step is to rinse and then extract.
We’ve finally come to the most exciting part! Our carpet-cleaning tools are some of the strongest on the market.

If you want to learn more about this, our Green Carpet Cleaning service is a great place to start. Plan ahead to find a Carpet Cleaning Near Me Harbor City Harbor City.

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