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When your carpet needs a pro

Almost always, a trained professional needs to clean the carpet. The most important decision, though, is how often your carpet needs to be cleaned. When someone asks how often a carpet should be cleaned by a professional, the answer will be different for each home. Quite often, your carpets will give you some kind of sign to let you know they need to be cleaned by a professional or cleaned well. Green Carpet’s Cleaning will talk about the most common signs that it’s time to clean your carpet.

How to Tell if Your Carpet Needs to be Cleaned
Spots on the Rug One of the most obvious signs that your carpet needs a deep cleaning is if there are stains on it. Children and pets can easily leave stains on carpets. Your carpets will get old faster because of these stains. Some stains not only make your carpet look dirty, but if you don’t clean them up right away, they can also damage the carpet in a way that can’t be fixed. Most people will decide if they need a professional to clean their carpets based on how dirty their carpets look. This is not a bad rule to follow, and it is one of the clearest signs that your carpets need to be cleaned by a professional.

Carpet with Mold or Mildew We have a lot of humidity in Connecticut because it is a coastal state. On the carpet, mold or mildew can grow. Because of the constant humidity, carpets can get mold or mildew, especially in places where there aren’t a lot of airflows. This is especially true in enclosed spaces. Most of the time, you can tell if your carpet has mildew or mold by how it smells. Mold and mildew will usually start to grow in the carpet padding or in the carpet fibers themselves. Use your sense of smell to guide you. If you smell something musty or moldy, you should look at your carpet to see if that is the cause. If there is mold or mildew in the carpet, this is a clear sign that your carpet needs to be cleaned by a professional. Mold and mildew are the most common things that damage carpets.

Shading is a term used by professional carpet cleaners to describe how they clean areas of carpet that get a lot of use. The word “shading” refers to the way carpets look when they’ve been worn down by lots of people walking on them in high-traffic areas. The hallways and other main paths through the house may have some shading. The look of shading can be lessened and even fixed to some extent by having a professional clean the carpet. But it is not possible to get rid of the shading completely. When dirt and a lot of people walk on your carpet at the same time, it will get wrinkled and flattened. This is because you are making each carpet fiber thinner. Wear and tear slowly breaks down the fibers. Because of this, the shading can’t be fixed completely. But you can lessen the effect of shading on a room by making sure the carpets are always clean and clear of dirt and other things. When you can see different colors on your carpet, it’s time to have it cleaned by a professional.

Indoor Allergies: If you have indoor allergies that last for a long time, your carpets are often to blame. Having pets makes this even more important. Dirt, pollen, dander, hair, and even the dead bodies of insects and other pests can get stuck in carpets. Along with a few other things, carpeting is one of the main reasons why people have allergy problems in their own homes. Those of you with particularly sensitive immune systems will know when it’s time to clean your carpet. If you hire a professional carpet cleaning service to do the job, your home will be cleaner and safer. This will get rid of most of the harmful substances that are deep in the carpet.

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