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At Green Carpet’s Cleaning, we are aware that a lot of families aren’t happy with the outcomes of the standard steam cleaning method for carpet cleaning. This traditional method of carpet cleaning can leave carpets damp and drenched for days, harming the quality of the fibers and dyes and allowing mold and mildew to flourish.

Additionally, it may leave a sticky aftertaste that draws dirt rather than deflects it. Due to this combination, steam cleaning may not be the best option for your home and may potentially shorten the lifespan of your carpets.

We created the Hot Carbonating Extraction procedure for this reason. We’ve discovered a method that does away with the various drawbacks of steam cleaning. Additionally, it delivers outstanding results that keep your carpets feeling and looking clean and new.

Healthier carpets
Dirt and grime are dissolved by soapy detergents in traditional steam cleaning. Although this would seem like a sensible course of action, these detergents are very difficult to remove, even when using a lot of water.

As a result, they frequently leave a trace of a sticky substance on carpet fibers that attract dirt. This may be the reason your carpets start to look unclean again so rapidly following a steam cleaning.

Our main cleanser does not draw dirt because it is not made with soaps, detergents, or other harsh chemicals. You can finally escape the cycle of cleaning and drying your carpets with hot carbonating extraction, and instead, look forward to a carpet that stays cleaner for longer.

Cleaner carpets (And a Healthier Home)
We are confident that you would never consciously decide to put your family’s health in danger by how you clean. You probably also think that steam cleaning can improve the health of your house by removing accumulated dirt and filth from your carpets.

You might not be aware, though, that the steam cleaners you’re using use hazardous substances to clean. You might not have thought about how their cleaning methods can cause mold to grow in your home, which could be particularly problematic for people with weak respiratory systems.

You may rest easy knowing that your efforts to clean your carpet are improving the well-being of your house in this way.

Additionally, there is undeniable proof that using our upholstery and carpet cleaning services is healthy. According to a study done by a private lab, hot carbonating extraction may eliminate 98% of non-living allergens* from carpets and upholstery.

Dirt and grime are also removed with this procedure. Therefore, our carpet cleaning services not only enhance the appearance of your carpets but also enhance the indoor air quality of your home and enhance the general well-being of your family.

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